This is a house generator created as a submission for procjam 2021.

It creates a house out of premade parts using a set of simple rules. The rules are exposed and can be replaced by the user. It is also possible to use a custom .vox file for the parts as long as it follows the naming scheme.

It is possible to save the generated house as a .vox house.

All the code is written in JavaScript and uses WebGL for rendering. The premade house parts were created using MagicaVoxel.

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This is so good! Very Impressive. Instant generation of realistic models. Would you consider expanding the UI a bit to make a standalone app, for sale?

Love it, amazing job :D

Thanks! I will be happy if people actually use it, so go ahead! Feel free to download/modify if you need to.

Indeed it seems I forgot about hiding the part list.

Woah! Looks very useful. For some reason it is impossible to hide parts menu when shown

Can I use it in my project?